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By Uchi-koma - 2009-07-22 14:29:18 in Professions
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Ok, so I finally got my Lumberjack and Mining high enough, so I'm looking at my final profession slot.
I've decided on either Axesmith (being a pandawa, sort of makes sense) or a Shieldsmith (shields seem to be a little rare on my server for some reason, I enjoy PVP myself).

I was wondering if anyone could give me some further insight (kamas earnt, benefit gained etc) into these professions so I can decide between the two

Also, I'm not interested in which of the two is easiest to level, just which...
By Uchi-koma - 2009-07-20 19:53:41 in General Discussion
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I've recently come back to Dofus following a 9 month break and I must say, I'm happy with the way most things are going. But it seems that the hardcore PVP'ers I left behind are now replaced with players that complain, constantly. These players don't think twice about spamming the trade/recruitment chat, calling anyone that aggro's them a "noob".

When I left for my break 9 months ago, there was a general understanding that if your wings are active, then thats consent enough for anything. Your not...