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Kim Slade Iop Lvl 93 Dathura
Tango Danguele Pandawa Lvl 32 Dathura
Éobald Masqueraider Lvl 29 Aerafal
Nova Daemine Eniripsa Lvl 17 Dathura
Tango Dënguele Sram Lvl 9 Aerafal

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By Tynox-LG - 2019-04-12 03:46:09 in Role Play
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[Out Role Play]

Meow ! (That mean Hi!)

My name is Katze (how to pronounce ---> like "katz". This isn't my real name lmao) and I'm a french Dathura's player that don't use to speak an english but, try to improuve his skils. But I can speak spanish and catalan! No one cares? OK *goes out*. So, today, at 3:31am, I'm here to share you a story that is a part of fiction, but it deals mostly with what I've done in RP with other players, and, the most important thing righ now for me is to improuve...