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By Tungston - 2007-02-05 00:49:08 in Suggestion Box
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The recent changes to make sections in the inventory has been a huge help, but I often find that what I really want are sections more inline with the intended use of the item instead of it's kind. For example, I may want to divide my inventory into: to be sold, craft ingredients, and to keep.

A second suggestion would be to make it possible to switch between each item showing the total count or the total weight. There have been a number of times where my character is at capacity, and I want to...
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When you go to a sellroom now, you're shown a view of all the items in your inventory, and it's left to you to figure out which may or may not be sold in a particular sellroom. Not only that, but you may have a large number of items which cannot be sold in that sellroom, and you still have to wade through the whole list to figure out what you want to sell. Finally, your inventory is sorted from the newest item you've added to the oldest... needless to say, not very helpful when trying to figure...