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I am selling

Batouta Helmet:
67 intelligence
29 wisdom
220 vitality
+4 critical hits
+7 Heals
+7 Damage


I am buying or trading with my hat
a fire maged Thrusty staff with 45+ int and 35 wis

EDIT: Rosal server
i can't edit my title >_>

EDIT2: Thanks to the mod that corrected the title ^.^
By Tumay - 2009-02-18 22:15:58 in General Class Discussion
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I Am LV.133 right now and need some opinions what my new set / items gonna be
My Current stats are:

975 HP
129 wisdom
680 intelligence
40 agility
8 ap
4 mp
25 dmg
28 critical hits
and some good resistances..
i reduce about 80 earth-wind-water, 110 fire
hitting 450-600 a turn in close combat

i don't wanna lose my intelligence a lot, but want better hp