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Hunahpu Cra Lvl 200 Rubilax
Yaluk Pandawa Lvl 200 Rubilax
Tepeu Eniripsa Lvl 200 Rubilax
Tulish Sacrier Lvl 200 Rubilax
Piedad Sram Lvl 9 Pandora
REM-Turix Sacrier Lvl 3 Rubilax
Tulish Sacrier Lvl 1 Pandora

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Recently the lag has been far worse.
I read Sabi's post regarding latency and how possible causes could be Internet/PC Build/Proxy so I could be wrong or not.

         I tested out the client/game on two different computer builds and two different connections.The first test was on a laptop running an Intel Core i5 and enough RAM/Video resources to support the basic necessities of Wafku. This test was run using a 50MB Internet connection so it should have been enough to run Wakfu, unless...
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Event DetailsQualifiers: Saturday, May 26 Finals: Saturday, June 2 Time: 4pm – 9pm EST Where: Ecaflipus Twitch:
Tournament Results — Visit Twitch for the full VOD of the Finals.1st Place: Valoriss 2nd Place: Rarehunters 3rd Place: Forsaken 4th Place: The Borg
Finals Round Match-Up (Saturday June 2 =, 4pm-9pm EST)Valoriss vs Rarehunters The Borg vs Forsaken
Qualifying Matches Results

Match 1: Sufokation vs Valoriss [Winner]
                 M1 Replay:
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It seems that this most recent update & hot-fixes have some serious displays issue affecting various users.

I am using a dual monitor setup and the UI & text is blurry in the windowed mode and still looks blurry even when resizing the window. The root of the problem seems to be that the game chooses the larger monitor as the default setting, if that makes sense. Upon resizing the client on the larger monitor the UI and text clears up, which means I cannot use the primary monitor.