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Waka Eniripsa Lvl 91 Nox
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So I finally decided to bother with the new islands.

First a single monk.

I'm doing 20 damage per round. Check his resistances and they're absolutely insane.

What the heck? I mean, seriously? I just suicided when I got to half my life. He also did something where he healed 80hp. I tried Infected Flash and landed Gangrene, but he resists that too.

This is just stupid.

Why are we playing this game? I'm here because Steam doesn't allow multiple logins and my wife wants to play Skyrim kicking...
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I posted this on the Eniripsa forum, but traffic there is really low, and I'm not sure SE checks those subforums. I really want this to get back to Ankama as I feel that the Air tree has been neglected for the Eniripsa in the way of special class skills since, well, the dawn of the Wakfu Eniripsa.

With all the changes to class skills and the addition of the infection system it's time we got something. Fire has Massacring Mark. As spreaders of Infection I think we should be Contagious.