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By TsutsukiAoi - 2020-08-19 14:26:57 in Eniripsa
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Hello all!

I have a question regarding how the passive, massecruing mark works, both the heal and damage part and also in relation to its stats/masteries.

For the heal part, I'd figure it takes water mastery+fire mastery into account and I'm not sure if any secondary stats affect it like aoe mastery. 

Likewise, for the damage part, I would think that fire mastery will affect the damage output, but still have no clue as to how other masteries will affect its dmg output or not. 

My dmg build...
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Hey all,

I'm wondering if the spell damage for rift is incorrect or if the spell itself is bugged for dmg. Currently, collapse seem to outdamage rift every single time, even though collapse is 2 ap and has less spell damage than rift, while rift states that its a 4 ap spell and has a higher base dmg than collapse.....