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Kai-Toku Tsunoki Ecaflip Lvl 36 Nox
Saka Veehko Masqueraider Lvl 31 Nox

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So I was looking around online to see who played the voice of Otomai in the English DUB of Wakfu: The Quest For The Six Eliatrope Dofus, when all I found was the IMDB page for (I'm pretty sure) the French cast. Does anyone know who this guy's voice actor is? The ending credits don't say anything helpful besides a list of the actors. Please help, this is killing me!
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I've noticed at least three other people today have been experiencing connection issues just like this. After choosing the server that I play on (Nox), I get taken to the loading screen that flashes "You are waiting to be incarnated" or whatever, and then it cuts to "Connecting", but it will never connect. The thing is, sometimes it'll cut to a black screen, with the report bugs and problems button in the top left corner, and the options menu in the lower right corner. If I have the music on, I...