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Sacrier Lvl Omega 80 Echo
Lost Imperium
Cra Lvl Omega 11 Echo
Lost Imperium
Ouginak Lvl Omega 1 Echo
Lost Imperium
Sadida Lvl 199 Echo
Sram Lvl 81 Ilyzaelle
Sacrier Lvl 58 Ilyzaelle

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So I tried to access dofus beta to try out a set I've planned, and I keep getting the same error message over and over again, even though i uninstalled and reinstalled beta twice now. Does anybody know how I could fix it?
Here is a printscreen of the error message
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Hello fellow sacriers,

I have a question regarding the ebony dofus questline.
Did any of you manage to pass that Crocoburio questfight with the latest nerfed mess of a sacrier? If yes, please could you tell me how the hell did you do that? I'm getting kind of desperate here, even borrowed an entire set from a friend in hopes of passing the fight with single element, but I can't seem to make enough damage or kill myself in the process. So if anyone could help me out with some tips it would be much...
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Spells (the ones that do aoe damage) only get their damage increased if you are in the center of the spell while using it, so basically if you hit both yourself and the enemy with it, but you aren't in the center of the spell it does nothing, which is just sad considering how butchered the power buffs are on new sacri. Since according to the reply of forum admin Talora this seems to be a bug, I'm posting printscreens of it here. Really hoping this is an actual bug and not meant to be like that, because...