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Member since 2008-06-17


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Last login: 2019-07-22


Sacrier Lvl Omega 68 Echo
Lost Imperium
Sadida Lvl 199 Echo
Lost Imperium
Ouginak Lvl 199 Echo
Lost Imperium
Cra Lvl 189 Echo
Lost Imperium
Pandawa Lvl 69 Echo

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Does anybody know, whether there's any other ceremonial item that changes your character /character's clothing's colors other than konninginnedag crown? 
By Tsih - 2019-06-29 01:09:45 in General Discussion
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I'd like to ask if there's any way to unlink an item I used a mimisymbic on like a year ago? The mimi wasn't linked when I used it as I bought it from the in game market, and it doesn't show any date when it would unlink. I mean, is there any other way than removing the mimi from it? Why or how did it even become linked?

Alright, sorry, I was now told it's because mentioned item I mimied on it became a ceremonial item. 
By Tsih - 2019-06-21 20:22:51 in Feedback
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Alright so..I took a break for approximately a year because of getting really busy in real life..I've been around in game for a long time, before even 1.29 version, over that time there have been like 6 complete rewamps of sacriers, out of which atleast two were for no apparent reason but okay, change is life we all went with it, well most of us did, the idols got introduced, the idols got nerfed, the stars on mobs got introduced, then got removed, so now mobs give barely half the exp they used to,...