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Terra'Strife Sadida Lvl 213 Rubilax
Skulln'Spectres Sram Lvl 213 Rubilax
Serah'Lockhart Sadida Lvl 213 Rubilax
Magitek'Machina Feca Lvl 6 Rubilax
Materia'Machina Huppermage Lvl 6 Rubilax

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How come like 99% of all healing mastery gear is 2 element? grrrr

anyone know good 3 element healing gear WITH crits? or is that too much to ask for xDDDD
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I played the game from beta 2012 to November 2017 and recently returned. I was first disillusioned by the new rune system but now I friggin' love it. I'm still disillusioned by battlegrounds and lack of real pvp and pk'ing (side opinions). 

The question is:

How, when and where can I drop Epics and Relics?

Is it only S21+ dungeons?
Do mobs drop them or just the bosses?
What about those challenge mobs roaming outside of dungeons?

Can someone explain please?