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Tristevaa Iop Lvl 16 Remington

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That would be such a waste. Here's to hoping they will figure something out. The series is way too great to be reduced to merely a comic.
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One could argue Evangelyne is the greatest hero of them all, having to manage a household of 3 kids (now 4 ) mostly by herself of which one is godly and the other three are demi-gods, haha.

Jokes aside, Dally and Eva are by far my most favorite characters and it is hard having to choose between them. It's easy to nominate Dally since he is an actually well developed character as opposed to Yugo who seems to actively try to resist any way of meaningful development. Yet it is also hard to disregard...
By Cowsforlife - 2019-07-13 17:23:04 in The Animated Series
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A bit over dramatic there, friend. Ruel is an okay dude who adds a bit of charm and comic relief to the series. I found his stinginess very amusing. Granted, his backstory was boring as all hell but he has his glorious moments from time to time.

If we wanna talk hated characters, we should probably have a closer look at Adamai...