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Llama Ecaflip Lvl 156 Rubilax
Chewbarka Ouginak Lvl 127 Rubilax
Gutamaya Eliotrope Lvl 113 Rubilax
Chinese Gold Farmer Enutrof Lvl 110 Rubilax
Alcoholics Anonymous Pandawa Lvl 96 Rubilax

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Right after the Beta I was choosen our guild's nation and for some reason when selecting "Sufokia" it ended up choosing Bonta (Which the two aren't even right next to each other)

I know there is a way to change it back with 40,000 guild points (Which is an insane amount for smaller guilds like my own)

I'm writing this to let the masses be aware that there might be an issue when the screen is re sized and you go to make a selection on something such as the guild nation selection.

By Tropical-Ace - 2014-07-31 21:50:43 in General Discussions
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In case anyone hasn't seen, Wakfu has been recently added to the Steam Library and is set for release in September.

If you advertise Wakfu on Steam's F2P, or post on the DVD "Now Available on Steam!" this could be a huge draw for new players!