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I want talk of the Eniripsa and Anutrof and something what envolve all the classes.

Uau good class very well guys, good job, hard to play and with good mecanics, i like the anutrof.

But i think is a little bit broken when i found this:
This card summon 5 allys on the table, and if one of them dies, everyone win +1/+1, so, you fight vs a perforababy 1/1, with a 2/2, with a 3/3, and one 4/4, aaaaand if the anutrofs put more perforaserkers on the table, this babys still winning upgrades, and all this...
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Man, the Enutrof´s god..
In my mind is something like this:Now look this.. :DUDE, what a heck is this art, because a gold dragon or a god, of course, nope.
My sister draws better than this, all the gods have a good look, but this is like a golden worm statue with white poop of birds in him body, dude, come on, I DRAW BETTER THAN THIS ON PAINT WITH A TOUCHPAD ON MY LAPTOP ON MY BED 02:10 OF THE NIGHT, IM SLEEPY DUDE: ¿What are you doing with my
Starter pack money Ankama?, WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME...