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By Trevik - 2011-11-04 21:27:37 in Rogue
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was randomly talking to friends on Dofus and was thinking of an improvement to Roguery. As it is, Roguery is a wonderfully useful spell. But the only addition I think would be adding a debuff to mobs/allies that attack your clones. I don't know what debuff exactly but maybe a -MP or reduce resistance for X turns? I don't think it would be too OP because:

- still not a guarantee a mob will hit your clone instead of you
- would now give a penalty to allies who might accidentally attack your clones
By Trevik - 2011-10-19 06:32:42 in Rogue
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I have a lvl 75 pure agi rogue and I love it. But was thinking of resetting points to make an agi/cha hybrid when I get blunderbuss at lvl 90 to be a little more versatile. Does this sound feasible or will I be spreading myself out too thin? What gear would be good for this build? Any help or input will be greatly appreciated