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I'm a 197 masq, and I would like to be str/agi cause it fits my team the best. I have an intel Eni, Intel Iop, Cha Panda. I was thinking str/agi masq for shields and fair damage with dags. But can't make up a fair set with the level I am. Can anyone point me in the right direction? or maybe i should make some other class thats str/agi viable?

Thanks in Advance
By TrevThaBossMan - 2014-11-22 20:27:10 in Feca
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Like the title states, I need some assistance on choosing a build (primarily for Kolo with a cha/agi Eni and maybe some PvM). I assume to have intel, but i was thinking maybe intel/cha or intel/agi? Especially around that level having Royal Mastogob for intel/cha and Ceremonail for intel/agi. Of course pure intel is an option as well, just looking for some insight on best build for Kolo around that level. As well, if you don't mind stating a good set and what are the desired ap/mp for feca's now?

By TrevThaBossMan - 2014-11-15 22:57:27 in Eniripsa
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Hello All! I'm building me a beautiful eniripsa. I was looking for some insight on the build (of course). Support doesn't matter to me so much as I mainly just solo, because not many people care to PvM in groups. As well I do PvP and i know the two builds I'm looking into have good survivability. Anyways, I was wondering if I should go in as a Intel Eni being able to deal decent dmg with forbidden and wands as well as do some self healing and ally healing or go in as a Cha or Cha/Agi Eni. Dealing...