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Eliotrope Lvl Omega 116 Echo
Pikti Pufikai
Masqueraider Lvl 200 Ilyzaelle

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By Treciokas - 2019-06-19 13:21:17 in Suggestion Box
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Hello. Here's an example of an interactive chair from Wakfu.I think this is an incredibly cool feature of a game. Wakfu has it, can Dofus have it as well?
Now you may ask - where in the World of Twelve would you find these interactive chairs?

A lot of them would be found in your haven bag. Right now you can customize your haven bag with plenty of chairs you are not able to sit on. Some of the examples:Also, most likely all territories of World of Twelve have benches and chairs which right now...
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Many times people aggro a wild rhineetle and soon realize that they are not capable of killing it. Instead of leaving a fight and letting someone else to catch it, attackers decide to showcase their selfishness and stall a fight (by pushing rhineetle away every turn, not passing their turns, barricading themselves in the corner of the map, etc). They do this with an intention of making everyone, who are waiting outside the fight, lose their patience and leave the map so the fight initiators can then...