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Member since 2009-05-03


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Eliotrope Lvl Omega 56 Echo
Pikti Pufikai
Eliotrope Lvl Omega 10 Temporis II
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Many times people aggro a wild rhineetle and soon realize that they are not capable of killing it. Instead of leaving a fight and letting someone else to catch it, attackers decide to showcase their selfishness and stall a fight (by pushing rhineetle away every turn, not passing their turns, barricading themselves in the corner of the map, etc). They do this with an intention of making everyone, who are waiting outside the fight, lose their patience and leave the map so the fight initiators can then...
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I just finished the level 60 bontarian quest and now I want to get rank 3 in the Order of The Sharp Eye but I'm stuck at this quest called Apprenticeship: Renegade Hunter.

It says that I need to take 1 Lunch Basket to Kingobur Gundyan. I have the lunch basket but I can't find Kingobur Gundyan.

The quest sends me to a [-3,-4] map but the map is empty. I tried looking inside the cave but there's no such NPC there. I've looked everywhere but I still couldn't find Kingobur Gundyan.

So maybe...