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I was completing dungeon achievements on a lower level character.

One achievement is to kill Boostache last in his dungeon. An easy feat, or so I thought until he started bringing back zombies.

For instance, when Im ready to kill boostache, he'll bring back the chafer (sort of like spiritual leash but at full health.)

This made me believe that I had to kill the chafer AGAIN and then kill Boostache in order to complete the challenge. When in reality, I dont have to do that. All I really have to...
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This is no exaggeration, I get anywhere from 3-5 resource protectors within a 5 minute period (not counting the time it takes to kill the protector.)

My character class has no strength spells (my mistake I guess) so it takes me 5-6 turns to dispatch it in my pods set. Which wouldnt bother me if the protectors werent so frequent.

I seriously get frustrated to the point of logging off. Every 40-50 seconds my harvest chains are disrupted and I have to click them back up again.

Once you're a 100...