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Does anyone else experience this? I just tried logging in to my main and it just kept saying "connection to the server lost" so I couldn't log in. Then somehow it didn't give me the error - went in game and everything works fine. Tried logging my 2nd account, same problem, can't get in. Internet working fine, got youtube running, one dofus client running fine, etc.
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Soo... on the topic of treasure hunts. I basically never do them, because they're bugged in the sense that you have to search for things that really aren't there quite often. However, due to the fact that I'm doing the crimson dofus quest I'm basically forced to do them because I need 20.000 roses. So I'm wondering if there's any date when they will fix treasure hunts? because it's really getting on my nerves and I know a LOT of people who avoid doing them for the exact same reason.

E.g. you have...