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Nemeth Enutrof Lvl 164 Remington
Skrotnisse Foggernaut Lvl 158 Remington
Treedle Ecaflip Lvl 158 Remington
Morfar Enutrof Lvl 141 Remington
Miss Needle Masqueraider Lvl 141 Remington
Sven-Erik Huppermage Lvl 8 Phaeris
Kajsa-Lisa Eliotrope Lvl 6 Phaeris
Alfhild Pandawa Lvl 6 Phaeris
Sven-Erik Feca Lvl 1 Nox

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I logged into my girlfriends account from my computer and bought ogrines with my credit card.
This ended up with her being banned.
She has gotten an email that states that she has to prove that it was an error. But how can she when she's banned? She can't log into the forum or the support site.
And how do we even prove it if we get in contact with support?

Please help

Edit: We found a way to submit a ticket. Go support workers go!  
By Torle - 2014-11-17 06:38:09 in Technical Issues
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Anyone have experiences of playing Wakfu with the Macbook Air; 1,4GHZ Intel I5..?
I want to get me one but need to know how good Wakfu plays on it first.