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Ermahgerd Rerberts Foggernaut Lvl 190 Nox
Ofelia Evenstar Enutrof Lvl 177 Nox
Snausages Osamodas Lvl 176 Nox
Oops All Biscuits Rogue Lvl 175 Nox
Fifty Spadeso Grey Ecaflip Lvl 173 Nox
Amber Alert Cra Lvl 166 Nox
Boy Butter Feca Lvl 155 Nox

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Hi there, I'm a lil Feca who's an intrepid and dedicated explorer, and let me tell you this: I'm looking for TREASURE! Not just any treasure- something rare in this day and age... Merit and Orbs!

I've found a top secret Treasure Guide that tells me I can find Merit and Orbs by digging around under uprooted Plants, Trees, and even Crops! Furthermore, it's possible to train certain prized animals in each Nation to sniff out the location of Merit and Orbs by being really friendly to them, setting up...
By TommyTrouble - 2016-08-21 21:02:45 in Feca
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Hi there, I'm wondering- are there any specialty stats that boost Glyphs AND Shields? I know Single Target and Close Combat will boost shields... but do Glyphs count as Single Target too? Or AOE? Or Distance, based on how far they are from the Feca when triggered by a mob? I'm hoping there must be some special stat that's shared between Shields and Glyphs (aside from the obvious Elemental%).

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I hate clear-cutting. Never mind that it's profitable and useful for crafting. It's also tedious, and I feel slightly horrible about it. Lately, however, there's a new wrinkle to the equation: nobody is coming to investigate or defend the areas under my assault. No wings whatever- I've only seen Outlaws, who I've gladly sent into the Abyss in my boredom.

While I'm Nox specific here, I know that most (if not all) of our Servers follow similar patterns for PvP. I'd like to know, where do you go for...