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By Tomekke - 2017-04-15 21:16:40 in Rushu
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Hello fellows
I'm gonna back to game after about 6-7 years break. I wrote my introduction in "Incarnam Inn". I've read about major changes and saw them in game.
Anyway, I'm looking for a guild that is recruiting low level players.
Nick: Powabny-Stefan
By Tomekke - 2017-04-14 14:53:12 in Welcome to the Incarnam Inn
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Hello fellows!
Name's Tom and I'm about to start playing Dofus after long break .
Most important thing is community. I've read some threads about incoming servers merge. So I guess there's low player base at these servers and that most of them are old players, but I may be wrong. Is that right or not? I've tried today playing at Rushu and it's hard to meet players at low levels areas. I guess most of players are high level, so... is there any point to start playing without any friends? I hope thet...