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Ymca Foggernaut Lvl 187 Nox
Lez Lemon Ecaflip Lvl 165 Nox
Inspector Spacetime Eliotrope Lvl 131 Nox
Drunk Fu Junior Pandawa Lvl 94 Nox
Laura Palmer Rogue Lvl 86 Nox

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I'm not sure what happened to our last sea chicken wrangler. I mean, there wasn't much left and the Sufokian guard were so, well, hush-hush about it that I did a double take when you mentioned that particular highly-sought-after-in-this-guild-at-least skill set.

That you follow it up with a declaration of your abdication to your title of lord of the "smoke, brb" realms is none other than fresh of breath air to these lungs.

Yet we have this problem of these 30 pints of beers, and these thirsty Pandawas....
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Rrae|2016-01-10 16:25:00Seraeph|2016-01-10 09:09:27 Free pet food kibble or those fancy exp potions that last a few days/fights maybe lol?

All i know is i should of really got around to arranging those bets on when Wakfu ends up getting a delay and for how long. Could of had some actual kamas flowing around alot better then when i try to use the market to make kamas. You forget the fact that what you purchased was a costume, bag, and early access. It stated when early access started but didn't state...
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Unlike cake, the cookies are most definitely NOT a lie.