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RhazyaHayes|2012-12-13 19:50:04My specs. 10.6.8, intel processor.Warning, novel below! I recommend reading though if you are still having issues!

Does not work for Mac OS X 10.5.8, intel processor. At least not for me.
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How's your stats and damage Priz?
I was considering this build myself and tried full wis for the Goultarminator. It seemed great for groups but horrible for damage. I know Fecas doesn't have a lot of damage to sacrifice for Ap stealing, though Glyph of Blindness with a 3 turn stack is great for both pvp'ing and pvm'ing.

So, Glyph of Blindness any time! Glyph of silence has too long a cold down and too high Ap cost. Glyph of Blindness is great in a combo with Blindness aswell.

By daemonlordjames - 2010-11-27 16:38:30 in Feca
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Hey there!

First of all, Great guide! Kudos! And then for my own suggestions for xp'ing around level 130-160:
I, myself, did a lot of different things. Greedovres from the Moon Island was great xp for soloing - Throw a Burning and Paralyzing glyph and that's pretty much it. Also i did a lot of Dark Jungle with an Xyothine, usually stared mobs to get around 1 mil per fight. When i was bored of those two places i usually went to the Dreggon Peninsula, not only decent xp, but also great drops. You...