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I had to stop playing the game back in july or so. I had two accounts back at then and all my stuff were there, also stuff purchased with Ogrines and most of my characters. I had a good lot of stuff there and I at least want them back. My issue is... Since I used two accounts, I had different usernames for both accounts. And now I can't remember the name I used to login in the game. I do remember the password and I think I got most of the informations about the characters, their guilds, password...
By Tiraddos - 2016-01-13 16:31:07 in Feca
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I'd want to make a Feca mostly for support, but I also would want to dish some damage. Would I have to use glyphs? Fire and Water is the most desirable branch for me because really... It seems most supportive. Besides, Magma and Bubble Armor are really good spells. Crash Wave is powerful as well, and I think I can throw a Avalanche glyph somewhere. Flame Carpet only give us problems imo. However, I'm unsure how it does about damage. Any opinions?
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If I get Heroes and booster, will the other characters get 2x XP until they hit my main's level or nah? Just slightly curious. Thanks!