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Mortred Crit Sram Lvl 150 Remington
Fishnet Sadida Lvl 148 Remington
All The Way Through Osamodas Lvl 148 Remington
Unusual Pupils Enutrof Lvl 142 Remington
Hotpants Foggernaut Lvl 142 Remington

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By TimeCommando - 2019-06-14 04:36:38 in Technical Issues
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Ok so I decided to visit sufokia mine on remington and there was this guy mining in a suspicious way. So I decided to mess with the guy.

I stood up over the mines, no response, he kept mining.
I started to mine one of the mines, he stopped and changed to another mine, no response.
I decided to stop mining halfway after he changed mining another one, sometimes he came back when it was not the last one nearby. Sometimes he would left the mine there and go to another area more full.
I also saw the...