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Timburland Sacrier Lvl 139 Nox
Vild Rogue Lvl 137 Nox
Grimkell Iop Lvl 137 Nox
Melkorka Ouginak Lvl 106 Nox
Gavin Benning Cra Lvl 105 Nox
Eyvindr Enutrof Lvl 24 Remington
Illugi Eniripsa Lvl 24 Remington
Gizurr Feca Lvl 24 Remington
Kathall Sram Lvl 11 Remington
Atli Eliotrope Lvl 11 Remington

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[EDIT 4-3-2018]
There is a solution to this problem, at least for Mac users! I found it on another forum post here: MAC OS ISSUES WITH 1.59 AND JAVA 8. I will quote Ines00's answer to this problem:

This morning, Owlie (Wakfu coordinator Community Manager) has written on official Discord server these words:
"Hey there! When you download Java 8 on a MAC it downloads a version for web. The required one for WAKFU is the JDK one. Download the MacOS JDK 8 here, it should work: "

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I'm trying to find out where to get the lvl 130 class amulets. EX: Sacrier's Coagulated Blood, Sadida's Holed Shoe, or The Pitiful Rogue Rouse.

I've looked through the encyclopedia and searched online, but I can't find any answers as to where to get these amulets. If anyone knows, please tell me!

Thank you.