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Sram Lvl Omega 46 Ilyzaelle
Iop Lvl Omega 40 Echo

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In the server ily we have 1 very powerfull alliance. AvA is not something I enjoy much at this moment.
I have 4 suggestions to make AvA more fair and can make it once more enjoyable again. Besides that, it will also free up the nugget market as the power alliance has control of over 90% of the nuggets.

1) The current alliance cannot defend (meaning that the area will always go to an other alliance)
2) When an alliance gains an area it also gains a negative bonus for other AvA (for instance,...
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Parttime breeder of here who is a little frustrated that some bugs are still in the game after months and some suggestion to make life easier.

1) naming the mount, please fix the box to allow name changing
2) when selecting <50% tiredness, mounts with 0% tiredness are not in the selection. please add those to <50% or add 0%
3) when using the first filter option and you have selected a filter, then you use the filter where you can type in the bar. It wont reset the first filter to no...
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Im not sure who tested the changes that were added during this maintenance but i have quite a few annoying issues.

1) during fight, i cannot move, cannot pass my turn and after relogging this keeps occuring
2) GPS on mounts is cancelled by manual map change but im standing still. 

Kind regards,