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Andrial Sacrier Lvl 72 Remington
Niolia Ecaflip Lvl 71 Remington
Sangulia Eniripsa Lvl 70 Remington
Renalia Masqueraider Lvl 62 Remington
Gnurx Ouginak Lvl 57 Remington
Ophenia Foggernaut Lvl 43 Remington

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By Thetraoid - 2019-12-31 14:30:09 in Technical Issues
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Hey Ankama and Friends,

Setup: I play Wakfu with the GOD Tier boost, using 3 Charakters at the same Time.
My Main Character Andiral is always the first I pick. then I add my Niolia and Sangulia .
I am rigth now at the Mount Zinit Quest: "Artifact -  Paws of Ecaflip"

Character name: Niolia and Sangulia
Date and time: Recognized after the Sadida Update 1.66 
Server: Remington
Bug description:
My two other Charakters (Niolia and Sangulia) are on The Zenit Quest Chapter 1 and 4 at the same time,...