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Hey there,

I like crafting professions. First of all,  I want to say the new market system is a nice improvement (combining the markets). Though i find myself 'pinning' a lot of recipes, and the manually searching for each of the ingredients...

Now, here comes my idea: "Insert the whole recipe in the marketplace"

How it works 
1. You either drag and drop an item in the search box (or right click: "insert item into market")
2. The marketplace now does multiple searches. One for each resources...
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Hi there,

This would be a simple service, as the code for this is already written. We got exp runes with the profession update. It could have the same concept as for character change, where you pay for the level of the profession you want to convert. I bet people actually want to use and pay for this service.

The reason why I'm requesting this, dates back to 2.29. When the big profession update got launched, we all got those fancy profession exp runes. I was hyped when I got to use those runes!
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Yes. I know there were profession exp runes, but i used them too quickly.

I would love to be able to move my professions (jeweler/shoemaker/tailor/carving/smiting + all magus's) another character on same account.
I would also be willing to pay for this. I know it was stupid to use runes so fast, but at least give me an option to fix it. I was so exited for the update that i made hasty decisions