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By Theoran - 2018-04-15 12:24:42 in Professions
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Sooo I am planning to get my hunter to level 200 on all my alts and so I looked for information about leveling etc and decided that having it all in 1 sheet would be really handy. To be able to see perfectly what I need to get to what level and so on. So I made an Excel sheet !

Hunter XP Excel sheet

Just fill in the red text and Bam it will calculate how much meat you need, Below the whole thing is an easy overview of how much meat you need for every 10 levels. Every 10 levels one gets a new meat...
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Today I logged in and the every one was happy! The gobbals were grazing, The Tofu's were annoying and the Kwismas Minotobal was annoying the hell out of every one. After feeding my dozen of pets I decided that it was time to stalk ! To be exact follow my guild leader and gain presents from him ! So I opened my friendslist and was looking trough the list of vict.... Friends only to be horrified to the bone! Every one deleted me. All my friends. I could not see location nor their level....
By Theoran - 2017-12-03 18:51:23 in Problems and solutions
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Dear reader,

Today some one waned to play Dofus for the first time. This is a happy moment for us al. Sadly though he was having issue's with the launcher. So he went to Discord in order to seek help. In the end he went on and used the Zip download and tried to play trough that. Sadly though He does not speak French like most of the worlds population. At this time there is no way to download a English zip or change the language of Dofus trough the zip way since you don't have the launcher. This...