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Member since 2008-03-15


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Status: Subscribed
Last login: 2019-07-11


Rogue Lvl Omega 14 Echo
Osamodas Lvl 58 Echo
Xelor Lvl 43 Temporis II
Iop Lvl 35 Echo
Pandawa Lvl 34 Echo
Foggernaut Lvl 33 Echo
Sadida Lvl 33 Echo

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i've killed Gein Wanted Quest monster in srambad and i was about to return him, i thought i had to talk to an npc in the voyagers outpost in srambad to return it, and so i start speaking to the npcs there, as a result i ended up with another quest that replaced the Gein Follower effect with another quest npc and lost the bounty. i find it unfair and disappointing after all that effort gone to waste. i would like to see this issue to be ''fixed'' so it wont happened again to any other player....
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''The Application is running as Administrator

You executed the game with administrator privileges.
Doing so could render unusable as well as compromise your computer's security
Unless your advised to run the game as administrator by a member of our team, we recommend you quit
the application now, and relaunch it without administrator privileges''

Why I get this message ?
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Looking for social, friendly active and trustworthy people to join our Order!
we aim to create a community to have people to run dungeons, exp hunts, pvp ,percs, with and have fun. We grow each day bigger and we have a functional ranking system
No level requirement for now, but prefered people 18 years+ 
The guild is part to a new alliance Arch and we do Koth and events very often
/w  our Guild officers : Stormshield, Keravnos, Draymond-Green , Invisible-Smoke 
or leave a comment here with ur...