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By Thenotsobob - 2010-05-20 16:46:31 in General Discussion
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Well this post is about music, mainly im interested in what you all listen to!!! Dofus is a large community, after seeing Izmar's post asking where we all live and what not (Izmar's gonna come find you!!!) jk jk, I wanted to make a post asking what kind of music you like (classical/rock/techno/etc) and also I want you to post your favorite song of that genre with the artists name, no links please, were all very capable of youtubing it ourselves.

Oh and since this is dofus forums and I should probably...
By Thenotsobob - 2010-05-19 22:20:57 in Suggestion Box
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If a feca were to acheive 50% resists from equips in all elements (or just 1 or any it doesnt matter), and then used feca sheild would it put them past the 50% max thresheld or reduce any mroe damage????

Also if they had...say...50% water resists and used water sheild would it reduce 50% of the damage along with the reduction from the sheild???

Why is there a 50% max resist thing??? it seems almost like thats crippeling fecas since they have the possibilty of going higher!!!
Is there even a 50%...