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By Themaniacalmojo - 2014-10-11 13:59:00 in Professions
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Do you have to kill a monster with the hunter weapon in order to gather meat?
By Themaniacalmojo - 2014-10-11 13:46:27 in Professions
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it seems like dofus is against handeling this bot problem which honestly is not that big of a deal unless they make entire crafting professions almost impossible (like mining) What is the reason as this is not really a new issue.
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So i find it irritating that crafting is separated when it comes to weapons as in some crafting there are very few people doing them because there are different and better alternatives or they do not sell which causes all charecters to have the same few end game weapons. To me they should combine the metal weapons and wooden weapons into their own sections with the option of doing what they already do now (wood crafter making wands, staffs and bows/ Metal doing shovels, daggers and swords)