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Cheapskate to the core, got all the stuff in-game or donated by generous contacts.


20/07/18 @ 05:56:33 = Lumino reaches lvl 200.
27/07/18 @ 04:24:33 = Fabadas reaches lvl 200.
Status : Former subscriber


The Rogue Cat Ecaflip Lvl 200 Remington
Hugh Jest Knot Ouginak Lvl 200 Remington
Geriathrope Enutrof Lvl 197 Remington
Cierrabares Pandawa Lvl 195 Remington
Burrito Bunny Eniripsa Lvl 150 Remington

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Right now, it's possible to have only one Haven-Mood per plot, except if you have the stacked x2 gems from pre-revamp, which allowed to have 2 Haven-Mood items instead of just one. The suggestion is allowing to upgrade the gems to x2, x3, x4 or even more (x8 might be enough) by stacking more of that kind of gem in the same plot. It's easy to turn it from bug to feature.

After the revamp, the plots are 6x6 instead of the former 5x5. Which means that we have no "perfect middle cell" to place the...
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Character name: The Rogue Cat
Date and time: Sometime during 16/Apr/2020, possibly in the morning, but not sure.
Map: Haven Bag, instance 9, position (0, 3, 0)
Server: Remington
Bug description: It was possible to place 2 Flame Haven-Mood items in a single market plot. After removing one of the 2 Market Gems from the interface (that was keeping 2 like in pre-update times), one of those Haven-Mood items disappeared.
Reproducibility process: Not sure if this is the cause or not, but...
1- Use a char...