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By ThePuppetx - 2018-11-08 00:48:58 in Guilds
4 496
Hi i'm a long time player but I've been playing solo and I've been getting stuck unable to grind past lower levels solo.
Are there any guilds that are focused on grinding player levels?
I've been told that the end game of Wakfu is about grinding for gear so levels don't mean as much without the gear. However I want to get to a high level so I can grind for my self and in turn help level friends and other players.

Willing to forceed any rare gear I get to players as long as i get some so i can function...
By ThePuppetx - 2017-04-07 08:38:34 in Sadida
3 1731
I havent played seince some time around 2015.
I have a levle 40 Sadida with no points in abilities or anything like chance or so on. Now that the deck system is up and i'm getting more into the game what are some of the general build paths for Sadida?

Is going full Heal something I could do? I was looking at a Water Earth support build with dolls.
Or is it more worth it to go full dolls or lone sadida.

I have no clue whats changed with the class seince I last played of like what are the defineing...
By ThePuppetx - 2017-04-01 11:07:09 in Masqueraiders
20 4174
Hey I haven't played since the major overhaul on most classes and the client.
I want to start playing again and I was thinking to make a new Mask to help adjust to all the updates and changes I've surely missed.

What are the general optimal builds and play styles for mask's right now?
Is Tri build still viable or more viable with new sets, especially at later levels/dungeons?
Is It better to Duo build like Air/Fire and Fire/water for damage or Air/water for utility and heal?
What is it recommended...