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Transforming kind of made sense to me for Osa. I thought of it as a become "one" with the animals sort of thing. Also I don't find the transformations ugly, but of course that's just my opinion.
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I'm not sure how hard this would be for them to do (from a programming perspective). But I would absolutely love this change. It's inconvenient having to enter a fight, wait until the summons turn, then read it's abilities just to find out what it does.
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Okay, so this is like my 3rd time commenting on this post. But I've just got to say: the more I play the new Osa the more I love it!! It has amazing versatility and it feels like I have a lot more control over my summons. It lacks the raw damage of the current Osa (on live) but the trade off is well worth it. Additions like Beastly Balance, the Crow Spell, and First/Second/Third etc. really make their kit feel good. Keep it up Ankama.

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