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NOX-Fauxfire Osamodas Lvl 116 Rubilax
NOX-Sharalye Cra Lvl 111 Rubilax
Paramorph Sacrier Lvl 111 Rubilax
Furvian Sram Lvl 109 Rubilax
Garchu Feca Lvl 98 Rubilax
Sharalye Cra Lvl 98 Rubilax
Fauxfire Osamodas Lvl 98 Rubilax
Night-Mayr Sacrier Lvl 67 Rubilax
REM-Furvian Sram Lvl 28 Rubilax
Falentine Sadida Lvl 18 Rubilax
Fawux Eniripsa Lvl 1 Rubilax

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so I was getting tired of my last game and decided to come back and walk around wakfu and consider coming back to play for a while. i got on my sacrier and everything was fine, beat up a few low level mobs to see how it felt and if i wanted to get back into wakfu. had fun so i decided i want to try my cra (i use heroes btw hence why i'm testing my characters). i went on cra, punched a few baddies and was enjoying myself.... THEEEN i went to my osa. and well... things were off. First half my skills...