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By TheNightMayr - 2016-01-30 17:47:52 in Rushu
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So I have decided to move to rushu in the coming weeks (I want to get my endgame set in rosal first because I think its cheaper :p), however ill be looking for some friends to play with and a guild, any suggestions? lvl 195 str and cha sac (not at the same time, 2 sets) as well as my cra who is I think lvl 160 int/agi. I o not multi client but may consider doing that account moving thing and multi clienting the 2 chars. I'm mainly a kolo player but i'll need to grind to level up my characters a bit...
By TheNightMayr - 2016-01-30 17:24:58 in Sacrier
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So, I just came back from a "break" of two years and want to start working on my end game(?) set; however with all the new trophies and stuff I was wondering if the set I made is still viable? opinions? i tried to make a new set for a couple hours using the new trophies and none results in better dmg, rss, only slightly higher hp at the cost of resists, crit, and dmg which I didn't think was worth it. Thx for any help loves

Set is at Click here
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Hey loves, im going to try giving dofus a shot again having been mia for around 2 years i think? (last thing i remember is the announcement (not the release) of the crit change). anything exciting a new happen while i was gone? However to the main part. i have decided to start on a new server and after reading forums for a few hours it seems rushu got some mass influx of members so im going to give it a shot there. any opinions on reasons to or not to start anew in rushi (oh rhyms). Otherwise, looking...