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Juliet Saint Clair Rogue Lvl 142 Remington
Mary Jo Cybil Osamodas Lvl 115 Nox
Juliette Sainte Claire Osamodas Lvl 103 Remington
Juliska Szent Klâra Feca Lvl 103 Remington
Juliet Saint Clair Feca Lvl 86 Nox
Maurice Rice Osamodas Lvl 70 Nox
Joolyuht Seynt Klair Enutrof Lvl 36 Remington
Annalyse Panettiere Osamodas Lvl 19 Nox
Lexicon Panettiere Osamodas Lvl 5 Nox

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Hello Naturalism!. My name is Juliet . I am a returning player. I played Wakfu since beta but by no means I am good at it. My playstyle is casual. I am from United States. I am currently looking for a social/causal to join to enhance my gaming experience in Wakfu. There are somewhat new contents that I am not familiar with and I am hoping Naturalism will guide me through my ventures. My IGN is Juliet Saint Clair. Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to meeting the family of Naturalism.

By Invids - 2015-03-20 23:23:03 in Trade
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Kikkoman89|2015-03-21 18:57:12Up
By SpaceTeenager - 2013-03-01 20:11:29 in Suggestions
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1. Go to Options > Game > Chat > click on Automatically Lock Window

2. You can disable any channel. Just press enter and check off the colored boxes.

3. I think Trade chat is regional.

4. That'll be nice.