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What Anju said - hey anju - is totally true no one can deny it . Furthermore , the Golden ages of dofus around 2008-2010 was built in fact around a community a gameplay where you're being forced to team up with strangers that become future friends to achieve a common goal which was in the past reaching the ultime level 200 , Open Kralove or even organise Bonta vs Brak attacks , rising a guild etc .. Everything actually tends to the opposite ... well I do think that dofus changed its personnality...
By traktorista-mirek - 2016-09-27 15:15:21 in Rushu
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Would like to join on My masq named Unsayn as it looks cool and active , see you soon , looking forward to meeting the floks here  
By fhze1200 - 2015-04-18 12:39:50 in Rushu
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I'm french speaker aswell , if you need some more help in english i'de be happy to try to help you as i can. Have been here since 2007 before leaving my french server too back in 2006.