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Member since 2011-06-18


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Sadida Lvl Omega 54 Echo
Rain Foxes
Osamodas Lvl 81 Echo

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Hello all ! I'm Excynic from Echo and I am what I consider an old Dofus veteran ( since 2005 ish ), so I've got quite a bit of experience under my belt when it comes to Dofus and it's evolution. Now that we're all properly introduced I'd like to present my list of QoL suggestions I'd like to see make it into the game at some point. 

-Harvest nodes are now per client. This means when someone gathers something that node will still be there for others to gather. Stars on resource nodes are still per...
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First things first, I feel the need to post this here with some concerns I have with the new update ( anyone else is welcome to tune in and post their experiences with the new content aswell ! ).

So I'm a solo accounter, currently playing a 200 sram ( though I have class changed countless of times to keep things fresh ) and wanted to give my oppinion on the new content in the eyes of a solo account player and possibly give some suggestions on how to improve the new infinite dream dungeon so everyone...