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I have been away from Dofus for a year or so and I am now trying to get a release spell? Is the wiki right that I have to collect it from chests? or is this old info? I have got release in the past and I don't remember how:-( I am getting old I guess.

By TheDudesays - 2014-02-22 13:25:59 in Osamodas
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I have noticed a lot of kolo teams using an Iop Osa combination. The Osa is just used as a buff monkey and just makes the Iop invincible. Even if you kill the iop he is resurrected to continue the assault. I find this a shame for two reasons.

1). It leads to calls to nerf the iop as it is too over powered. It is not op, but it becomes over powered when over boosted.
2). Osa's stop becoming about animals and just become boosters. It can't fun just doing nothing but boosting the strongest...