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By TheDove - 2020-08-16 06:21:45 in General Discussion
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Posting in a dead forum full of Necrobumps for fun, don't mind me.

Don't you think its a crying shame that neutral cards can't be spells? A few people mentioned it makes sense but I can't agree.
A lot of Krosmoz's creatures have special magics that would represented very well by a spell card. For example, none of the Whisper Cards(other than the standard bearer) have their Murrmurrs represented on their cards. Huppermages and their spells have no God either, but I suppose it'll depend on if they're...
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There are more infinite cards than krosmics now that the whole leveling thing is gone.
Well, actually there always were, but now that leveling isn't a thing you have to get them raw from grabbing packs or using dust. Now its expected that you'd get most of the cards from card packs and dust would fill off "the things that you need", but now there are multiple krosmics/infinites that you are expected to spend dust on, because the chance of getting the infinite you want using even with a guaranteed...
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She doesn't check to become a Drellzerker. According to her card's illustration, at least.
This looks intended at first, but Ruel Stroud and Alibert(Both good Drellzerker choices due to having no passive abilities) still have Drellzerker tags.
What happens?