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There are more infinite cards than krosmics now that the whole leveling thing is gone.
Well, actually there always were, but now that leveling isn't a thing you have to get them raw from grabbing packs or using dust. Now its expected that you'd get most of the cards from card packs and dust would fill off "the things that you need", but now there are multiple krosmics/infinites that you are expected to spend dust on, because the chance of getting the infinite you want using even with a guaranteed...
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She doesn't check to become a Drellzerker. According to her card's illustration, at least.
This looks intended at first, but Ruel Stroud and Alibert(Both good Drellzerker choices due to having no passive abilities) still have Drellzerker tags.
What happens?
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First thing I want to get out of the way:
Glyphs are a good mechanic to carry over form other games to this one. I don't want it to go.

But there's just one problem, why do they start giving more armor for each different line they cover?
I don't see the point. By themselves glyphs are already rewarding the player, so I don't see the point of having each glyph be worth 3-5 armor. "You did good? Do even better!"
I mean, I can actually kinda see the point you're making with Feca being supposed to have...