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Liem Huppermage Lvl 149 Nox
Deridor Cra Lvl 147 Nox
Abyssa Rogue Lvl 137 Nox
Teltal Hart Xelor Lvl 90 Nox
Deridor Xelor Lvl 3 Remington

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By TheDeridor - 2017-03-26 05:56:40 in Trade
0 590
I'm looking for a price check on a few items I'm looking for for my character. I'm willing to buy if you have one, but I'm trying to stretch my kamas as far as I can for gear. The market on nox seems to be pretty awful and untrusworthy if things dont sell often....

The items I'm curious about:

Tormented helmet
Sage helmet
Wa wamulet
Srambad's shadow
The wingbot
Nataraja dagger

Troyle's gg shield (hoping to sell)
By TheDeridor - 2016-06-23 09:32:33 in Trade
0 416
I'm looking to complete my first proper relic, so I'm buying 27 harry boots fragments to get a bit closer.

Paying 50k kamas each, or best offer. Post here if you have some for sale
By TheDeridor - 2016-06-20 00:14:24 in Huppermage
1 1126
I feel like I may have made some bad stat choices for my huppermage... I have 3000 ogrines burning a hole in my wallet, based on my choices below should I restat? Currently 126

Going for the light arrow build, so distance, single target etc...

16 %hp (was going for health before i heard armor was better to start with)
1 barrier
6 %armor

20 elemental mastery, rest distance

20 dodge, rest initiative

20 crit%, rest crit mastery

Ap, %damage, either mp or range cant remember