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I just discovered UGC, and I think is a good way to subscribe to dofus.

Has anyone used it? I need a little help.

-Card I use the card after buying it or do I need a ultimate Play account or PayPal account?
-The card is rechargeable or do I need to buy a new card each time?
-What should I do with the unused currency? Ex: 6000 ogrines total: 18 Canadian Dollars. THE CARD STILL HAS 2 DOLLARS. WHAT DO I DO WITH THEM?
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meanwhile, there have been a lot of attacks from some Canadian hacker.(supposed to be canadian) and ANKAMA HAS DONE BUT NOTHING. The English and Spanish commutiny are suffering from this masive hack. We need and answer NOW. what the hell is going on?!!

now, meanwhile somewhere in Canada: