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Ardrock Cra Lvl 157 Remington

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Hello everyone!

I have been out of Wakfu for more than a year now, but suddenly I feel like coming back. So, I am looking for a guild to make things more fun.

All I want is for it to be active and friendly, I don't care about guild levels or bonuses. What I mean is: I like a guild where people talk a lot and do a lot of stuff together!

My main character is a level 154 Cra, but I have a few others. If you wanna message me, my IGN is Ardrock.

So, if you have a spot on your group of friends, let...
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I have all the ingredients for the magic cawwot juice, as well as the recipe book that I got during the quest. But once I throw the ingredients at the machine and do the deed, the recipe fails, making me lose all of my ingredients and not get the juice at all.

Some notes:

- I have never crafted the juice before on this character;
- I am level 152, and I have the quest necessary to craft the juice and the recipe book with its recipe;
- I am using the crafting machine located on the kitchen of Wa...