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Hi guys,

Im trying to craft an Adventurer Hat, and I'm a little stumped. I went through all the pain of gathering the mats to make helmets ( I failed like 7 times before i got the required 3, which sucks when you have a 60% chance of success), but when I went to make the Adventurer hat, I noticed something odd. Since the helmets come with variable stats, they don't stack, so what I thought was supposed to be a 2 slot recipe was more like a 4 slot. Do i need 3 helmets with the same stats (that...
By TheArchimandrite - 2008-02-06 03:01:43 in Guilds
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Me and my brother made a guild today. He was the leader, and he gave me all the rights you can have. He logged off , and when i went on the guild page to chage my XP tax, i noticed i didnt have any rights. Is there a reason for this?