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Wouldn't it be convenient when you hover your mouse in the icon of your saved equipment you'd see "Wisdom Set" or "Strength PvM" or maybe "Omni 30%res"? Would be much easier if you're switching sets upon doing a PvP, kolo, or PvM. Especially for the players who have a lot of gears.
By The-Sorceress - 2016-10-04 09:57:06 in Sram
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Hi everyone! I've been thinking turning my sram into agi/str (currently agi). I'm planning on doing PvP or kolo since I don't have a team to go PvM. Including stats (how many points for agi and str or maybe vit) trophies, mount/pet, etc. Also with at least 20% resist each element (if possible).

Any thoughts about the thread is very much appreciated.

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Thank you for whoever bought it.

Hi everyone! I'm selling a MP maged fuji ring.

+ 1 MP
+ 240/250 vitality
+ 29/35 wisdom
+ 37/40% power
+ 2/2% critical
+ 2/2 summons
+ 10/12 neut dmg
+ 10/12 earth dmg
+ 10/12 air dmg
+ 9/15 prospecting
+ 291/300 Initiative
+ 10/10 fire/earth/air res
+ 4/5 lock
+4/5 Mp reduction

If anyone's interested then kindly comment down or message me in-game. IGN : Doublescore