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hello my friends of dofus.

due to a change in life , im working a lot more hours and will be going down to a duo combination and was wondering what i should go with...

the only class i know for sure i will keep is the chance enu, the mp steal/ loot is too good to give up.

the options for main im looking for is -

agi/str feca - helps with the tank role, and has good aoe damge

str osa - good survival , great tank

agi/int iop - great burst, good aoe damage

agi/ str hupper - good damage, decent...
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Hey all I have a few questions..

1.) How do they fair in endgame? Via pvm mostly

2.) Is there anyway to disable the transformation animation? I like the play style of scarier, but I'm not a fan of how we turn into a strange looming being when 50% HP.. it just doesn't look like a sacrier, I'd be more of a fan of a wounded looking warrior with a pool of blood under my feet.. not a flying spaghetti monster or meat man..

3.) I haven't played them since revamp, are they still the team protecting beasts...
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as the title says, i see many people saying they have a 508 score, but it seems very hard to get such a score and be manageable to kill mobs. o which idols do you prefer in your leveling/grinding/ just plain having fun in pvm?